When it comes to navigating today’s complicated and competitive world we know you don’t just want someone who can get it done, you need someone who cares about getting it done correctly and on time. 

our services


Whether it is an emergency pick-up or delivery you can rely a business that is Quick, Efficient, Dependable and Professional.

Cheetah Courier has the capabilities to handle almost any Hot Shot your business needs, from small packages, all the way up to 6 tons of products and/or pallets.


Medical facilities often need samples, charts, files, equipment, and other time sensitive items, delivered as quickly as humanly possible. Cheetah Courier is prepared to assist you anywhere possible. Our specialized medical delivery service is one of the most organized. 


We don’t mind a little outback adventure. Here in the Territory we are experienced with tough conditions and know just what we are getting ourselves into. Prep and planning are all in a day’s work.

contract delivery services

Our regular pick up and delivery agreement’s is the backbone of our company. Please feel free to negotiate if you wish to lock us in to a scheduled delivery service.

our expertise

cutting edge dispatch technology

We use the latest in delivery technology to help bring an A-1 experience for you and your business.

focus on time critical deliveries

Our priority is your priority. Getting what you need, to where it needs to go, in the time you need, is our focus.

agility, speed, foresight and loyalty

15 years of experience servicing the NT, we've learned a few things. Customer first...always.